After installation, in order to use an extension, you typically need to do two things:

  • Restart Postgres if on Linux
  • Use CREATE EXTENSION in the Postgres database of your choice

On MacOS, pgxman’s container support will automatically restart the container as needed.

Restart Postgres (Linux only)

Postgres cannot detect newly installed extensions until it is restarted. The common way to restart Postgres is:

sudo service postgresql restart

Load into a database

First, connect to the database you wish to use, using psql or a Postgres client of your choice.

Then, most extensions can be loaded using:

CREATE EXTENSION extension_name;
The name of the extension may be different than the pgxman package name. To view the list of extensions you have installed, use the query SELECT * FROM pg_available_extensions;

Some extensions use LOAD or require other configuration. Check the documentation on for more information.