Optional: remove extensions

Note that extensions you have installed will continue to work even if you remove the pgxman CLI.

  1. Use DROP EXTENSION to remove any installed extensions from your Postgres databases.
  2. Uninstall extensions by running apt remove postgresql-$VERSION-pgxman-$EXTNAME. You can get a list of installed extensions with the command apt list --installed | grep pgxman.

Remove pgxman

This will depend on how you installed pgxman.

  • If you used the shell script, it installs pgxman via your package manager.
    • Linux: apt remove pgxman
    • MacOS: brew remove pgxman
  • If you installed pgxman via homebrew: brew remove pgxman
  • If you installed the binary manually into your path, use which pgxman to locate the binary, then rm it.

Remove pgxman config directory

This directory is located in your user config directory.

  • Linux: ~/.config/pgxman
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/pgxman

You can remove the directory using rm -r:

rm -r ~/.config/pgxman